No matter how occupied we are , there is always a time where we review ourselves , positively or otherwise . Different people have different perspectives and trust me , not a single one is perfect in his or her case . But when we talk of Introspection , we seldom forget one small thing , that it’s much more than just a review . 
With all the “old man tales” about life in our heads , we simply ignore how simple our life can ever be . We start to think life and it’s events as a set of challenges which in my opinion is merely an illusion . Fast as it may seem , our world is getting bigger and bigger and each of us feel exactly the opposite within . The only time we get to know ourselves is when we close our eyes in the middle of night , after a long and tiring day. Unfortunately , in this fast world , a common man isn’t free to think new . He is puzzled and tangled up with his problems and their  solutions . Is it inevitable ? Perhaps not . 

Introspection is an art , for everyone is an artist in this world. Not only it broadens your perspective but also enlightens your thought process. I have seen people bringing tremendous changes in life after introspecting themselves . In the middle of the night when you talk to yourself about things that you have done, and things you have to do , then you start to build up motive for everything you are going to do next . Motive is powerful !. It can do miracles with anyone and with just the right positivity in yourself , this is just what you need ! . This is just what everyone needs . 

It’s always amazing to know about yourself  from others , and it’s totally different when you get to know about yourself from yourself ! Things start to change , you start to think deep , and enrich your mind with thoughts . These thoughts aren’t random , these are thoughts about you and from you only ! Positivity is what everyone needs in the end , and trust me , no one can boost you more than yourself ! 

The long lost artist . 

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