The dog that almost spoke … 

 Winter is almost upon us and here I am wrangled among books and other paraphernalia when I hear a bark . Not always one usually finds a dog at you door isn’t it ? The dog seemed worried , well I am not saying that I am dead right , but one could definitely tell that something was bothering her , and yeah it was a “her”. Her pity voice was heared clearly when I became sure that she couldn’t find her young one . I whistled and she came running towards me , her sad eyes were a rare sight and I didn’t feel any good after that . 

This is story isn’t about how I become a super hero by searching her puppy , but about that small and indefinite moment which was priceless . Different species , different gender and yet we connected somehow . I believe that connections in this world are not limited by any boundary what so ever . This is one of those , uncountable opportunities to get a taste of life though nature’s eyes . It may seem short and senseless , but it’s too deep to think about it . 

Every time you think about it , it gives you a totally different meaning all together . 

That’s the beauty of it .

– The long lost Artist 

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