The one lost in the crowd … 

He opens his eyes and and the first thing he knows is that he is alive and sane . Nothing more nothing less . With a pencil and a sketchbook he leaves his one bedroom house in search of something . Something new , something blue . On his way he sees a hungry dog . For a moment he stops and thinks what he can do for that poor fella , and the next thing you see is he takes him along . An unconditional companion for the day perhaps . He witnesses the world in front of him and how dynamic it is . How huge it is and yet how monotonous . You see him sitting on the sideway and drawing it out on his sketch book . He does that for every thing that fascinates him and for every thing that is beautiful in some or the other perspective . 

He sits with the beggar and gives him a hug for what he is been struggling for his life and family and also hands over some of the sketches he drew . He helps the sweet girl in pink that lost her Doll and wants her Daphne back ! He gives her a tight hug and a kiss on a cheek with a sketch of her beautiful smile . He helps the shopkeepers on the stalls so that they are comfortable to do further orders and also appreciate their hard work . 

He sits for a cup of coffee an admires the beauty of a pretty girl right across his table and tries to put that on a piece of paper . He gives that to her along with a letter of apology that his work wasn’t that great just because she was too pretty to be put on a piece of paper , leaving her with a sketch and a rose . He helps the old woman who finds it difficult to cross the road in the fast crowd  . He finds a boy who wasn’t having anyone to play with . He hands the dog to that boy and the next thing you see is a smile on the his face , simply priceless. 

You don’t know what’s his purpose . You simply don’t understand why is he helping everyone and what is the motive behind it. You simply don’t know . You saw him come and go away . With nothing but a sketchbook , he almost made everyone’s day for no reason at all . Yes these people do exist . The only thing you could understand was that he followed beauty and brilliance and he found it in everyone and everything . You can find him in every crowd near you . He wants to be hidden, he will always be hidden yet he wants to see the whole world , he wants to see you and perceive you as a master of brilliance . He wants to test the limits of his perspective and unknowly he is increasing it day by day , person by person . He will help you and you won’t understand who was he , but only that he made your day .  

He is among us , with a sketchbook .. 

In search of something , 

Something new ,

Something blue . 

The Long Lost Artist.