When you let your guard down ! 

That moment when you close your eyes and it all comes back ! 

When she left , when he betrayed , when they died , when it happened , how it happened and why it happened . 

And then there is time , 

It heals , definitely! But the vulnerable  heart needs only one reason to break again , one reason is enough to break you up and refresh those memories which were long gone . 

A new place , a new crowd , new friends where you whisper to yourself that you are gonna start new , start fresh . Great start , you build a shell which slowly becomes comfortable , yet it is still a skin . The more you dig , the more layers you build and then finally , the past strikes again and this time , it’s a deep punch ! 

What do you do now ? Tired of those repeated incidents and same excuses , same allegations , it’s get conjusted within. You lose your self esteem , you lose your self confidence…

…Lose yourself … 

It happens every time , maybe something is wrong within , or maybe something is wrong with you .. ..

It starts to get uncomfortable, everyday seems longer and every night scarier than  before .. 

Darkness becomes your ally and music becomes your world , where every song is your story and every harmony , your emotion . 

When you let your guard down ….