When you let your guard down ! 

That moment when you close your eyes and it all comes back ! 

When she left , when he betrayed , when they died , when it happened , how it happened and why it happened . 

And then there is time , 

It heals , definitely! But the vulnerable  heart needs only one reason to break again , one reason is enough to break you up and refresh those memories which were long gone . 

A new place , a new crowd , new friends where you whisper to yourself that you are gonna start new , start fresh . Great start , you build a shell which slowly becomes comfortable , yet it is still a skin . The more you dig , the more layers you build and then finally , the past strikes again and this time , it’s a deep punch ! 

What do you do now ? Tired of those repeated incidents and same excuses , same allegations , it’s get conjusted within. You lose your self esteem , you lose your self confidence…

…Lose yourself … 

It happens every time , maybe something is wrong within , or maybe something is wrong with you .. ..

It starts to get uncomfortable, everyday seems longer and every night scarier than  before .. 

Darkness becomes your ally and music becomes your world , where every song is your story and every harmony , your emotion . 

When you let your guard down …. 

The one lost in the crowd … 

He opens his eyes and and the first thing he knows is that he is alive and sane . Nothing more nothing less . With a pencil and a sketchbook he leaves his one bedroom house in search of something . Something new , something blue . On his way he sees a hungry dog . For a moment he stops and thinks what he can do for that poor fella , and the next thing you see is he takes him along . An unconditional companion for the day perhaps . He witnesses the world in front of him and how dynamic it is . How huge it is and yet how monotonous . You see him sitting on the sideway and drawing it out on his sketch book . He does that for every thing that fascinates him and for every thing that is beautiful in some or the other perspective . 

He sits with the beggar and gives him a hug for what he is been struggling for his life and family and also hands over some of the sketches he drew . He helps the sweet girl in pink that lost her Doll and wants her Daphne back ! He gives her a tight hug and a kiss on a cheek with a sketch of her beautiful smile . He helps the shopkeepers on the stalls so that they are comfortable to do further orders and also appreciate their hard work . 

He sits for a cup of coffee an admires the beauty of a pretty girl right across his table and tries to put that on a piece of paper . He gives that to her along with a letter of apology that his work wasn’t that great just because she was too pretty to be put on a piece of paper , leaving her with a sketch and a rose . He helps the old woman who finds it difficult to cross the road in the fast crowd  . He finds a boy who wasn’t having anyone to play with . He hands the dog to that boy and the next thing you see is a smile on the his face , simply priceless. 

You don’t know what’s his purpose . You simply don’t understand why is he helping everyone and what is the motive behind it. You simply don’t know . You saw him come and go away . With nothing but a sketchbook , he almost made everyone’s day for no reason at all . Yes these people do exist . The only thing you could understand was that he followed beauty and brilliance and he found it in everyone and everything . You can find him in every crowd near you . He wants to be hidden, he will always be hidden yet he wants to see the whole world , he wants to see you and perceive you as a master of brilliance . He wants to test the limits of his perspective and unknowly he is increasing it day by day , person by person . He will help you and you won’t understand who was he , but only that he made your day .  

He is among us , with a sketchbook .. 

In search of something , 

Something new ,

Something blue . 

The Long Lost Artist. 

The dog that almost spoke … 

 Winter is almost upon us and here I am wrangled among books and other paraphernalia when I hear a bark . Not always one usually finds a dog at you door isn’t it ? The dog seemed worried , well I am not saying that I am dead right , but one could definitely tell that something was bothering her , and yeah it was a “her”. Her pity voice was heared clearly when I became sure that she couldn’t find her young one . I whistled and she came running towards me , her sad eyes were a rare sight and I didn’t feel any good after that . 

This is story isn’t about how I become a super hero by searching her puppy , but about that small and indefinite moment which was priceless . Different species , different gender and yet we connected somehow . I believe that connections in this world are not limited by any boundary what so ever . This is one of those , uncountable opportunities to get a taste of life though nature’s eyes . It may seem short and senseless , but it’s too deep to think about it . 

Every time you think about it , it gives you a totally different meaning all together . 

That’s the beauty of it .

– The long lost Artist 

When Imagination is just what you need .. 

You are in your bed . It’s almost Midnight when the bass drops in your ears . Listening to your favorite track , you close your eyes and imagine yourself on a road which leads to nowhere , from nowhere . Surrounded by dense , lush green bushes under a sky where the clouds are prominent and beautiful. It’s almost sunset . You know it but you can’t see it . Everything is covered by the beautiful soundtrack that you are hearing when you realize that there still more to come . The moment when you see that , everything is somewhat in motion ,and at the same time is somewhat undefinable . You start to see fauna around  and you feel as a part of that aura. Air feels right and so does the smell of nature . And after all this , you start to walk around through the bushes and those flowerbeds where you feel home or even more than that . But wait , you almost forgot about that unknown yet seductive road , which ashtonishingly leads to somewhere you ain’t familiar with . You want to find out what lies ahead. You want to know what is it about that road , that drives you mad and makes it so mysterious . Just like the old days , where you used to be curious about everything and anything . Those memories fly by when everything around you develops to be a projection of what you always liked , what you always wanted and where eventually you dreams grew . Basically a projection about yourself ! Basically you ! 

There is something about Imagination , that makes it a canvas for your thoughts . It’s really important to picture yourself in front of you and if it’s too much to ask , then at least paint your thoughts. Your thoughts portray a strong profile about yourself and imagination defines it . A strong imagination leads to creativity and hence to an artist ! We all are artist and we need only a reason to unleash ! Again, Imagination is the key ! For a moment , you almost had a road infront of you , isn’t it ? Exactly , this ain’t some magic trick . It’s something undefinable and beautiful . 

Imagine a world where imagination is everyone’s thing ! Imagine a world where you could paint a picture to describe something , rather than using a bunch of grammatically correct sentences . Imagine a world where where everyone wouldn’t need a brush to create a masterpiece ! 

Imagine !

The moment when you realize that Imagination is all you need . 

– The Long Lost Artist 

P.S: About that road .. I believe that nothing is more seductive that the unknown . Quite a place to start your own journey , don’t you think ? 



  No matter how occupied we are , there is always a time where we review ourselves , positively or otherwise . Different people have different perspectives and trust me , not a single one is perfect in his or her case . But when we talk of Introspection , we seldom forget one small thing , that it’s much more than just a review . 
With all the “old man tales” about life in our heads , we simply ignore how simple our life can ever be . We start to think life and it’s events as a set of challenges which in my opinion is merely an illusion . Fast as it may seem , our world is getting bigger and bigger and each of us feel exactly the opposite within . The only time we get to know ourselves is when we close our eyes in the middle of night , after a long and tiring day. Unfortunately , in this fast world , a common man isn’t free to think new . He is puzzled and tangled up with his problems and their  solutions . Is it inevitable ? Perhaps not . 

Introspection is an art , for everyone is an artist in this world. Not only it broadens your perspective but also enlightens your thought process. I have seen people bringing tremendous changes in life after introspecting themselves . In the middle of the night when you talk to yourself about things that you have done, and things you have to do , then you start to build up motive for everything you are going to do next . Motive is powerful !. It can do miracles with anyone and with just the right positivity in yourself , this is just what you need ! . This is just what everyone needs . 

It’s always amazing to know about yourself  from others , and it’s totally different when you get to know about yourself from yourself ! Things start to change , you start to think deep , and enrich your mind with thoughts . These thoughts aren’t random , these are thoughts about you and from you only ! Positivity is what everyone needs in the end , and trust me , no one can boost you more than yourself ! 

The long lost artist .