When Imagination is just what you need .. 

You are in your bed . It’s almost Midnight when the bass drops in your ears . Listening to your favorite track , you close your eyes and imagine yourself on a road which leads to nowhere , from nowhere . Surrounded by dense , lush green bushes under a sky where the clouds are prominent and beautiful. It’s almost sunset . You know it but you can’t see it . Everything is covered by the beautiful soundtrack that you are hearing when you realize that there still more to come . The moment when you see that , everything is somewhat in motion ,and at the same time is somewhat undefinable . You start to see fauna around  and you feel as a part of that aura. Air feels right and so does the smell of nature . And after all this , you start to walk around through the bushes and those flowerbeds where you feel home or even more than that . But wait , you almost forgot about that unknown yet seductive road , which ashtonishingly leads to somewhere you ain’t familiar with . You want to find out what lies ahead. You want to know what is it about that road , that drives you mad and makes it so mysterious . Just like the old days , where you used to be curious about everything and anything . Those memories fly by when everything around you develops to be a projection of what you always liked , what you always wanted and where eventually you dreams grew . Basically a projection about yourself ! Basically you ! 

There is something about Imagination , that makes it a canvas for your thoughts . It’s really important to picture yourself in front of you and if it’s too much to ask , then at least paint your thoughts. Your thoughts portray a strong profile about yourself and imagination defines it . A strong imagination leads to creativity and hence to an artist ! We all are artist and we need only a reason to unleash ! Again, Imagination is the key ! For a moment , you almost had a road infront of you , isn’t it ? Exactly , this ain’t some magic trick . It’s something undefinable and beautiful . 

Imagine a world where imagination is everyone’s thing ! Imagine a world where you could paint a picture to describe something , rather than using a bunch of grammatically correct sentences . Imagine a world where where everyone wouldn’t need a brush to create a masterpiece ! 

Imagine !

The moment when you realize that Imagination is all you need . 

– The Long Lost Artist 

P.S: About that road .. I believe that nothing is more seductive that the unknown . Quite a place to start your own journey , don’t you think ? 


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